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Here you'll find sample lesson plans (from my own plan book as well as formal plans), forms/handouts, templates,
and websites that I use.

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*Note: My combination class was dissolved as of September 20, 2012 (due to high enrollment at our district). I will keep the resources up, as I continue to get requests for lessons, ideas, etc.
Next conference appearance November 15th, 2014 (Monterey Bay Aquarium Technology Conference).
NSTA/CSTA Regional conference December 4th-6th, 2015

****(I will post the Tree Octopus activity as soon as I receive it). =)

Handouts from Fall CUE Conference presentation (PDF format)

Student Portfolio cover sheet
Spelling Pre-Test sheet with spelling boxes
Literature Circles packet (sign up sheet and jobs)
Character Traits activity
Daily Language Review (DLR)
Mountain Language
Mountain Math
Kakooma Math (addition)
Creative Writing
(Mysteries of Harris Burdick and The Secret Knowledge of Grownups)

Fall CUE Conference presentation, October 2012


Annual CUE Conference May 2012 Presentation


Why Technology Presentation (Katy Scott)http://youtu.be/PcZg51Il9no <---- VIDEO


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Lesson Plans
I use a 3 inch binder and create my plans in Excel. Here is a sampling from my file cabinet. Enjoy!


Pages from the Plan Book
(pdf file)


Formal Lesson Plans (by subject)

Language Arts
      -Literature Circles

          -Congruent Figures

Social Studies
-Daily Geo
           -Declaration of Independence (collage)
-Stamp Act
-Taxation: The King's M&M's

  -Solar System
      -Model of the sun


Forms & Handouts

*Weekly Progress Report & Parent Letter: This report includes both the child's academic progress and behavior. It also informs parents of how their child scored on tests, homework, and classroom assignments. A letter explaining in further detail is attached.
This will go home in the Monday Folder each week. .

*Classroom Website Letter / Permission to Publish Form: This informs parents of our classroom website, provides theirr child's login information, etc. When appropriate,parents will be able to access my gradebook at any time to view their child's progress.

*Parent Letter- Beginning of the Year

*Volunteer Request Letter

*General Information for Parents: (goes home with letter at the beginning of the school year before BTS Night).

*Letter to Students- Beginning of the Year: A friendly and enthusiastic welcome to our classroom!

*Binder checklist: Details how to organize their child's binder!

*Otter Reading Log: Students are to read 20 minutes each night. Fill out the reading log and have an adult initial.

*Back To School Night Packet: Very important information!

*Birthday Brunch information (how we handle birthdays)

*Online Book Club (Scholastic Books) ordering information

*Colonial Day Letter - I teach a Colonial Unit every year and this particular letter goes home informing families of the opportunity to join us, bring in materials, etc.

*School News: A sample of the school newspaper during summer school. It is a student-led project.

*Spelling Contract cover sheet

*Substitute Information: A quick guide on how to run my classroom.
I have a "Sub Tub" which is a filing container housing general classroom info, extra copies of materials, fun activities, etc. I have a full week of lesson plans in there, along with all necessary materials, etc. It's good to be prepared!

* Student Portfolio cover sheet: This is done each trimester. Students create an evidence packet for each trimester and present it as part of their student-led conference. It helps students to have a feeling of ownership of their work/grades. Example: "I earned this B in math because I consistently scored 80% or higher on my assignments" (instead of "my teacher gave me a B".


Online Sources

These are some sites that I go to for inspiration and are a great source for lesson planning!
If you have a favorite and don't see it here, please share!

For links to resources I give my students, click here.
Lots of great sites for various academic uses.

ALD Network

Great site for ELD resources!

Just a few that standout for various reasons:


Songs for Teaching





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Some of the ideas on this site were adapted or taken from other's ideas. Afterall, one of a teacher's best resources is another teacher!
If I have not given credit where I should have, please let me know so that I can correct my mistake!
Thank you!


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