Welcome to 5th grade in Room 7!
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*We created a "Wordle" to describe our classroom:
(the words that appear larger were used more often than others)

We love our class!





Curious about the Common Core Standards or our new science standards (NGSS)? Want to know what your child will be learning this year? Check out the links below.

CCS CA 5th Grade


What is a pencast? Check it out!

Please have your child explore the online curriculum!
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Math: 5th Grade
Check out iTools: cool online math manipulatives/lessons
from our online curriculum!

Social Studies: 5th Grade

Science: 5th Grade


Parents: Please find the link for parents on the left sidebar. It contains many useful resources for you, as well as handy classroom information! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at spechan@pgusd.org

~Mrs. Pechan


NEW! Teacherlists.com is a great resource for parents and teachers! Here is Room 7's wishlist.



Are you an alumni of Mrs. Pechan's class?
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