Frequently Asked Questions



How does your combination class work?

My class is not really any different than a straight grade level class. I teach ALL of the subjects for both grade levels.
Each child in my class receives the same curriculum as the other students in their grade level. They attend the same field trips, participate in the same performances, extra-curricular activities, and projects.
The students placed in a combination class are usually independent workers who catch on quickly and are intrinsically motivated. For example, while I am teaching my 4th graders, I know I can trust that my 5th graders are working on their assignments and not distracting others...and vice-versa.
I really do LOVE teaching the combination class. It is a great group of students to work with and I enjoy teaching the subjects in both grade levels.
I work very hard for my students and will work closely with you to ensure your child's educational needs are met. After all, we are partners in education!


What is a reading log and how many minutes are required per trimester? Otter Reading Club information.

Students are to read for at least 20 minutes at home each night,
M-Th. Students are to record what they've read in their reading log (on their Otter Reading Log form) and have a parent initial next to it. This confirms that your child did read for that amount of time on that particular day. The reading logs are due on the last school day of the month. Students need to read a minimum of two books per month
(50 pages counts as one book). Otter Reading Club certificates are given out to those completing the requirements.


What is the Monday Folder?

Each Monday, your child will bring home their Monday Folder. This includes all of the work, tests, etc., from the previous week. It will also include their weekly progress report and any other notes I need to send home. Please sign and return this folder on Tuesday.


Late Assignments

As your child advances to higher grade levels, they will be given more responsibility in regards to their homework and assignments. I do not accept late assignments; therefore, you may want to emphasize the importance of completing homework in a timely manner.
Students are given a H.O.M.E. pass (Have One More Evening) at the beginning of each trimester. A student may use this pass if they should need an additional day to turn in an assignment. The H.O.M.E. pass may only be used once (per trimester).

Missing Work

If you know your child is going to be absent, please ask for the assignments in advance. If there is an unexpected absence, it is the student's responsibility to get any missed work. They have as many days to make up assignments as they were absent.
If given enough notice, I will place the requested work in the "homework basket" in the lobby. It is usually there by the last recess.




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