Class of 2022

Mrs. Pechan's Kindergarten Class
Hazel Fischer Elementary School
Room 2



April: Going on a bear hunt!

Bear Track

A bear visited our school sometime during the night! We went on a 'bear hunt' and followed the tracks.


Here are a few photo albums from this year!

Language Journals & Brain Jobs

Science: Which seed will sprout first?

Classroom (misc. photos)

Hand-dyed fabric (school fundraiser), March 2010


Before, During, After (sequencing lesson), March 2010

Math: Pre-teaching the lesson by using Envision math online
(the kids call this: 'Math Movie Time')
Click here to view a video lesson.

Bear Tracks, April 2010

Matchbox car painting, April 2010

Earth Day (mini-book), April 2010





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