Mrs. Pechan's 4th & 5th Grade Class
Robert H. Down Elementary


First Week




First Class Meeting
We have class meetings every Friday. This was our first one.

Number Hats (place value lesson)

Character ID Maps (character traits lesson)


Endeavor Space Shuttle


iPad buddies!

 Sharks, iPads, Mayflower project, and more!  


MBA Discovery Lab

Math (multiplication cha-cha and integer fun)

KAZU radio station

Lots of random photos in this slideshow!
Earthbound farms trip, Halloween, and more.


Community of Caring (4th grade)


Gingerbread house construction

SLC Preserve (redwoods program)

Ooey Gooey Animal Guts lab
(consumers and producers unit)

Room 7 field trips and FUN!

Kayaking the Elkhorn Slough

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